To Film

Task 1:
Research the following and then, using “CELTX”, turn the opening of your fairy tale story into a script, complete with a storyboard and shot list.
1) What is a storyboard?
2) What are the different types of camera shots used in film?
3) What is the meaning of “scene” in a film?
4) What is a “Shot list”?
Task 2:
Using “CELTX”, turn your entire fairy tale into a script. As an end of year activity the class will shoot one of these scripts.

Castle Essay Topic

Tier 1 – Emerging
AusVELS criteria:
Students select specific details from texts to develop their own response, recognising that texts reflect different viewpoints.
Essay topic:
Explain how different characters in the film would have felt about the ‘compulsory acquisition’ of the Kerrigan home. Include the Kerrigan family, Dennis Denuto and the Barlow Group.

Tier 2 – At the standard
AusVELS criteria:
Students interpret texts, questioning the reliability of sources of ideas and information. They select evidence from the text to show how events, situations and people can be represented from different viewpoints.
Essay topic:
‘The Castle’ uses the issue of a ‘compulsory acquisition’ to explore the themes of family and mateship. Use examples from the film, explain how friendships and relationships between family members transform in a time of need.

Tier 3 – Above the standard
AusVELS criteria:
Students select evidence from the text to analyse and explain how language choices and conventions are used to influence an audience. Respond to issues interpreting and integrating ideas from other texts
Essay topic:
‘The Castle’ influences the audience to feel sympathy for the Kerrigan family and to celebrate when the ‘compulsory acquisition’ is overturned. Explain how the producer has manipulated the audience and do you agree this is how we should feel for the Kerrigan family?